Our blog site http://www.broomenogas.org is focussed on education, training and courses and seeks to bring to our readers incisive details of programmes that will help them chart a lucrative career path for themselves. Our site is not straight info about the various courses and programmes offered by different institutions and colleges only, in fact we go behind the scenes and make an analysis of the factors that make them unique and exclusive.

For example Diploma of Nursing programmes are provided by a large number of Universities, colleges and institutions in different States of Australia. We do is not simply highlight course content and enrolment eligibility only, we also compare the courses, their duration and fees and analyse them in great detail. Hence readers will get a snapshot of the Nursing courses offered in Australia without the necessity of going through extensive online searches.

However, our blog site http://www.broomenogas.org is not only about courses and training programmes; we also look at the whole education scenario in totality. Our blogs cover aspects that are closely linked with the subject of education –job prospects, career options, how to choose the right career path, and training required to start own business venture.

Our dedicated team of bloggers and researchers are constantly scouring the Internet to find news, information and trivia of new courses and educational programmes being introduced. These are not limited to vocational courses only but also traditional programmes such as management, engineering or medical.

However, we do understand that it is a huge task to keep a tab on the various courses being started all over the country. This is why we invite write-ups from bloggers who are interested in this field to send us their blogs on the subject. The choice of topic is open so long as it pertains to the niche of education, training/courses. Blogs that are not linked directly to the topic are also welcome. For example we would like to have write-ups on such areas as how to choose the right career option and the educational courses available to fulfil that choice.

Contributors to our site may be from the field of career counselling, educational counselling, academicians and those who have been through specialised courses and have been very successful in life. Knowing about such firsthand experiences will immensely benefit our readers.

Our only stipulation is that blogs submitted to us should be original and unpublished pieces. Statistical tables and data to backup content will be much appreciated.

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